If you are an independent (Indie) author you might consider teaming with an 'Indie' bookstore!

I can't speak for the entire nation... but I know there are numerous "Indie" bookstores in California that share a common rapport with independent authors.

Just in the San Diego are there are several willing to work with independent authors (IF THEY ARE PRODUCING HIGH QUALITY MANUSCRIPTS) to help them gain exposure!

One example in the San Diego area is:

The Secret Stash

The owner and founder of this book store has a great appreciation for the challenges facing an independent author/writer. Yes, this is a shameless 'plug' for this bookstore! Why not! They are doing their part to help new authors gain exposure in a VERY competitive environment!

If you follow my blog - I will be providing ongoing hints regarding other independent bookstores and marketing techniques as I learn and grow!

Publishing is nothing new to me but 'marketing' is a whole new world and one that any 'Indie' author must master!

"Never give up! Never surrender!" or "Live long and prosper!" whichever quote best fits your style!



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