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If you read my blog about "What is your book about" - you would have already seen my perchant obsession with trying to make the world 'fair'... understanding that 'fair' is a subjective term.

Typically my stories, books and other publications, deal with showing the positive aspects of life! But there is this small competitive part of me that sometimes lashes out at things that are grossly unfair!

This time, I am wearing my sports fan hat and still staring at my TV screen - albeit the game was yesterday - waiting for the referee to throw the flag that would make life 'fair'?

No - this particular blog post has nothing to do with "The Elfkin Journals" - this is about that small part of me that continues to wait for 'fair' things to happen. Most of the time, in life, I am not disappointed.

But this time - here I sit waiting for a penalty flag!

True, "The Elfkin Journals" - is all about brave, strong people making life better... improving the human condition... but this blog post is my simple way of dealing with something that struck me as grossly 'unjust'!

I could also argue that one player 'lining up' off sides at a critical moment in the Chiefs versus Patriots game (definitely changing the outcome) was 'unfair' - but this player was clearly 'off-sides'!

In case you couldn't tell... JDeVereS is a football fan who does not like 'refs' directly impacting the outcome of a game!

Back to serious blogging tomorrow!