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Updated: Jan 21, 2019

As an author, how many times have you been asked this simple, basic question?

"What is your book about?"

There should be a simple answer - right!?!

"Well, "The Elfkin Journals: Blending of the Races" is about Elves, fairies, dragons, adventure, romance, love..."

Wait! That's not really what "The Elfkin Journals" is about... those are 'the trappings'... that is the left hand distracting your attention while the right hand works the magic!

As with most well-written manuscripts... "The Elfkin Journals" seeks to portray good people doing good things. It attempts to drawn cleaner lines between 'good' and 'evil' in an effort to improve our understanding of moral values without lecturing the reader. It entertains while hinting at higher moral and ethical values... it stretches the fabric of your mind and helps you see life on this world in a new perspective!

The next time someone asks you what your book is about... lay it on the line - LIFE! My book and the vast majority of similar books are about LIFE!

There can be Elves and fairies... dragons and dwarfs... interplanetary and interstellar travel... there can be 'lightways' and inter-dimensional portals... but in the end it is about living, caring people... trying to find ways to make life "fair"... to bring some degree of justice to an unjust universe!

Quotes from my book - such as in the links below were not developed in the time it took to write this novel... these quotes have evolved as my personal philosophies through a life-time of experience!




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Talk about life being unfair... sorry LA Rams fans but the Saints should be going to the Super Bowl!

Anyone can argue that one play does not determine the final outcome of a game - but - that play at that time DID!

Okay refs! Fix your broken process and try to make the world 'fair'!