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In theory - there are more stars in the heavens above us than grains of sand on the Earth. Yet there are more atoms in a few grains of sand than all the stars of the universe. NOT SCIENCE FICTION!

When a sci-fi/fantasy writer sets out a novel, they try to carefully blend real science with fantasy.

If the reader is unfamiliar with the scientific theorems of quantum mechanics and particle entanglement, the writer must find words to adequately express these potential realities. To some readers, this may seem like radical fantasy, but it is a viable scientific concept.

Most people are familiar with the reality of black holes in our universe but do not understand the theorems associated with the existence of white holes. This is not a new thought. This is a theory dating back to Einstein and his colleagues.

When "THE ELFKIN JOURNALS" characters act, they follow plausible scientific progressions based on real science consistent with our current understanding of the universe.

Within "THE ELFKIN JOURNALS", there are mindstones that allow the heroes to travel through "lightways". This is a stretch of existing scientific theory. However, with our present understanding of science, working scientists are creating time crystals that validate previous concepts associated with quantum mechanics.

Even using a simple child's toy intended to grow crystals, real science has found elements of quantum mechanics. Crystals that defy our existing understanding of "cosmic truth".

Will these crystals soon drive our quantum computers? Will they someday develop a level of sentience that would allow them to meld with our minds?

Are mind stones just one more step in the development of our species? Would they lead us down the path of forming hive mentalities that remove our individuality? Or would they lead us one more step up the path of enlightenment?

That - is the joy of scientific discovery! I love feeling stupid - it reminds me of how little I know despite constant study.

RWE (also credited to OWH) - "A mind once stretched by a new idea never returns to its original dimensions."



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