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Blessings To You This Day


I recently spoke with members of a non-fiction book club and shared my philosophy that all fiction works are almost entirely based on solid non-fiction principles. 


The motivations, actions, and emotions of virtually all fictional characters are predicated on the non-fictional realities of our everyday environment.  Also, a large percentage of the scientific/technological principles contained in a typical fictional story are based on either solid science or the theoretical projections of our leading researchers.


Fiction writers can modify an environment to create a different, unique, perspective for portraying a non-fiction situation... but, in the end, the non-fictional aspects of the tale must conform to standard non-fictional realities.  


If my fictional character has three eyes versus the 'normal' two... that is a minor alteration of the essential essence of our non-fiction souls.  The three-eyed character must still exist within the parameters of normal non-fiction perceptions or there can be no connection with the reader.

My point, to the members of this non-fiction book club, was that great fiction writers... base the essence of their scenes and characters on non-fiction truths that define our current mortal plane.


Within the framework of "The Elfkin Journals"... every aspect of each scene and character is predicated on the non-fictional realities that exist around us.  Though my characters can use "mind stones" to manipulate molecular vibration rates... and travel 'lightways' across inter-dimensional divides... the characters themselves are built on non-fictional truths common to the people of this planet.  Even the scientific principles expounded in my stories are in large part predicated on non-fiction principles.

In our world today, there really are combat suits worn by the military, that are capable of enhancing human performance capabilities.  These suits contain telemetrics capable of telling remote monitors the physical condition of each individual... if injured, current technology allows the suit to apply pressure to a wound.  This is - today - real-life... non-fiction!


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