Updated: Apr 5, 2019

A great boost for any book (and new author) is getting honest reviews! The link below is an example of a beautifully thoughtful review of my novel "The Elfkin Journals: Blending of the Races"!

The superlatives are great but even more important is the effort of the reviewer to honestly capture the essence of the novel and synopsize the content , feeling and flow in a minimal number of words!

This site, hosted by the "redheaded book lover", is an excellent example of how an impartial reviewer can capture and highlight the key elements of a novel (not as simple as it sounds!!!).

Many thanks are due to "Indie" book reviewers who toil to find good novels and bring them to the attention of their readers.


Remember: "Of all creative arts - the greatest wrought - is that of a life well lived!" JDeVereS

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